Summer 2007.....

One of my first custom orders. At the time, I never dreamed I'd be starting a website, so I didn't worry too much about quality pictures.


This guitar has carbon fiber rods in the neck. Every future project I build will have them, they really make the guitar very responsive.

As you'll see, the neck is Birdseye and Purpleheart in layers and as with all my guitars, the neck is "deep set" into the body going about and inch past the bridge.

This guitar is also hollowed out quite a bit on the bass side, but I chose not to have any sound holes.

I didn't worry about filling in the worm-holes in the back, I think that just gives it character.

The first 20 frets are Jim Dunlop 6100 super jumbo fretwire, the last four are slightly smaller and more triangular Stew Mac frets to give more room for your fingers.


I wanted a Les Paul sized guitar but with Tele parts. I glued the neck in at a straight angle, and then compensated for this by routing out the top of the guitar so that the Tele pickup/bridge assembly would set down flush on the guitar. The UFO control knobs also set flush into the guitar.





In person, it kinda looks like blue suede, or blue velvet, or even an old pair of blue jeans.

The back and neck are finished with Tru-Oil and the top and headstock are finished with Nitro Lacquer.


I guess it's not for everyone, but I really like the toggle down here.

Both of these are push/pull coil tap knobs. Down (as pictured) the coils are tapped, and they can be pulled for full humbucking mode.

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